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(518) 489-7236

Laser Light Show


over 75,000 tunes

                                                      PROFESSIONAL DJ'S SINCE 1978
                             We offer an extensive music library to compliment your

                              festive celebration with personality, and an impressive

                                                               ,  with a state-of-the-art stereo sound

                               system. We'll set the mood with a special selection of

                                 popular cocktail, dinner, and dance music from the

                                   1940's through today's hottest hits. Watch as the

                                   dance floor 'comes alive'. Our program also offers

                                                     featuring                                   , played on a

                                quality sound system at the perfect volume. We also

                                                         can involve your guests!!!!


                              "I really like the services that Mike Gilman Dance Show

                                       has to offer. I'm definitely calling on Mike again!"


                                                                                           Chuck Farley

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